HUD Technology

Airborne Solutions' head up displays (HUDs) implement various technologies and optical designs intended to achieve maximized field-of-view with minimum aberrations. The electronics are based on microprocessors driven by in-house developed software. Most of our HUD designs are based on refractive optics. In development, are new designs utilizing our patented planar optics that enable higher quality output combined with smaller footprints.


  • Refractive optics
  • Reflective optics
  • Light-guided, optical-element technology using patented planar optics
  • Pupil forming optics
  • LCD-based image source
  • CRT-based image source
  • Digital image source
  • Compact LCD-based image source
  • Ambient-light, sensor (ALS) technologies
  • Surface-mount technologies
  • Uniform backlight design based on Fly’s eye, non-imaging technology
  • Laser and LED-based backlights
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