Tactical Video Data Link

Tactical Video Data Link (TVDL) is a new generation video and data receiver/transmitter system specially designed for attack helicopters. This compact and lightweight system, weighing less than 4 kg, enables real-time, high-quality video imagery and data captured by UAV payloads or ground-based sensors to be displayed directly to the aircrew. This saves the need for lengthy radio dialogue by creating a common visual language amongst all forces in the battlespace and dramatically shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop. As a true video relay, the system can simultaneously transmit video and data as well as deliver imagery captured by onboard payloads to tactical forces for enhanced coordination and battle management.

Concept Components

The TVDL augments current systems by providing helicopter pilots video data from off-board sensors which reduce target identification times and improve precision targeting capability. The link reduces the helicopter’s exposure to battlespace threats and increases stand-off distances from those threats as critical airborne attack tactics and engagement scenarios are formulated. The TVDL also supports advance video display of forward arming and refuelling points (FARPs).

Features and Benefits:

  • Receiving/transmitting video at L, S, or C band from multiple sources
  • Received or onboard RS170 video (VCR or NTS) transmitted at L and S band to external assets such as other aircraft or ground-based systems
  • All functions are controlled via control panel selectors
  • Control panel may be integrated into other onboard computers
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