In 1928, Paul Kollsman revolutionized aviation when he invented the world’s first accurate barometric altimeter enabling pilots to fly “blind.” Since that time, Kollsman Commercial Aviation Systems, now Elbit Systems of America® Commercial Aviation - Kollsman, has continued to revolutionize the aviation industry with visionary solutions that enhance flight safety. Elbit Systems of America® is a world leader in advanced aircraft systems such as enhanced vision systems (EVS,) enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS,) head up displays (HUD,) air data systems, and cabin pressurization systems in both performance and certifications. We lead the industry in customized solutions that meet the demanding requirements of the next generation air transport system.

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Discover Enhanced Flight Vision System - NOTHING IS SAFER THAN SEEING™. The EFVS improves the capability for commercial, business, and military aircraft to execute precision and non-precision approaches and safely land, taxi, and takeoff in fog, rain, snow, and other reduced visibility conditions thereby increasing safety and reducing flight operation weather impacts.

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