The Elbit Systems of America® Land & C4I Solutions business unit delivers products and solutions that keep our soldiers out of harm’s way. With strong capabilities in command and control systems, computers, communications, and intelligence, we strive to keep the war fighter fully functional to enable mission completion.

Our dedication to developing cutting edge systems is critical to U.S. Army ground combat platforms. We provide the Gunner’s Hand Station, Commander’s Hand Station, and Turret Processing Unit for the M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle allowing the crew to close with and destroy the enemy. FireCon, the Mortar Fire Control System-Dismounted, provides mortarmen with enhanced lethality, accuracy, responsiveness, and survivability while reducing the logistical footprint.

We are a leading supplier of tactical handheld computers to the U.S. military with the Rugged PDA (RPDA) and the Tacter-31 multifunction computer. This unique blend of communications, computing, location, and identification data offers unmatched technological utility in an affordable platform.

Finally, we provide logistical support ranging from tactical wheeled vehicles like the MRAP to combat platforms such as the Abrams tank. From HVAC solutions, power management, hydraulics through our subsidiary Real Time Laboratories, CBRN protection, APUs, and electromechanical controls, through our subsidiary Real Time Laboratories our solutions are highly reliable and can withstand harsh conditions.

Spotlight On:

Mortar Fire Control System-Dismounted Kits
Fielded at three active duty infantry brigade combat teams and three National Guard units in 2010, these installation kits consist of ruggedized computers, battery power supplies, displays, navigation and pointing hardware, and associated mounting hardware and cabling that are installed with the M326 Mortar Stowage Kit in the M1101 light tactical trailer. The M150/M151 MFCS-D system will greatly enhance the responsiveness of the M120A1 120mm Towed Mortar System, enable the digital coordination of multiple systems and Fire Support network, and significantly reduce the time required to emplace, fire and displace the weapon.


Vehicle Tablet Computer
Introducing the TACTER®-31D, a slim and extremely powerful vehicle tablet computer that can be quickly detached for dismount operations. The TACTER®-31D is the next generation of the TACTER® family of military computers, featuring a tablet configuration.

TACTER®-31D provides powerful computing capabilities, high performance 10.4” XGA sun-readable display with LED backlight, smart power management algorithm, a Smart Li-lon battery for long stand-alone operation time, hot-swap (secondary battery) for uninterrupted operation during main battery hot-swap, optional military or commercial embedded GPS and much more.

TACTER®-31D's outstanding versatility and capabilities place it as an excellent candidate to serve all combat echelons in the rapidly evolving world of the new modern digital battlefield.


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