Today’s increasingly complex battle arenas require a real-time, comprehensive, C4I system that continuously delivers information to land, sea, and air units at all locations enabling swift and accurate tactical decisions.

In response, ELBIT TIGER®, a cutting edge, tactical, communications system, was developed based on in-depth knowledge of actual field conditions accumulated over years of intensive battlefield experience. Integrating all communications media, including legacy narrow-band channels, and harnessing the entire infrastructure, ELBIT TIGER® creates an end-to-end, unified, flexible, and continuously learning intranet. Handling routing, messaging, and dissemination, the powerful information grid instantly delivers all relevant data to the command level as well as the single platform with optimum message transfer flow and guaranteed message delivery.

ELBIT TIGER®’s capabilities include:

  • Automatic learning of system topology
  • Adaptive routing
  • Optimal channel selection

The network layer assures that all routing information is up-to-date even in the most dynamic connectivity environments and enables low system overhead for all networks including tactical VHF.