IRCS - Integrated Radio Communication System

From command posts to front-line soldiers, Elbit Systems of America®’s Integrated Radio Communication Systems (IRCS) is an advanced military communication system that enables military personnel to directly communicate with one another across one network. With IRCS, you will have reliable operational coordination, command and control, and an overall complete picture of the operations and events. The IRCS gives you control of the operation.


  • Maximum communication adaptability and flexibility across various networks
  • Interoperable with current and older-model radios
  • Integrated, single system fitted to the needs of today's armed forces
  • May be combined with other operation networks including public safety agencies, state and local emergency services, and government institutions
  • Each communication hub serves as a backup for every other hub within in the IRCS thus maximizing the overall reliability and durability of the military communications network
  • Eliminates the need for multiple communication systems
  • Enables easy usage of voice and data services by employing automatic priorities, routing capabilities, and sophisticated network management systems