Skylark® I-LE

Based on the operationally-proven Skylark® I system currently used by many coalition partners, the LE version increases the system’s operational range to 15 km and the endurance to approximately three hours. The system also features a unique gyroscopicstabilized gimbaled payload optimally integrated with algorithms derived from larger Hermes® 450 UAS to enable auto-tracking of dynamic targets. The Skylark® I LE combines the characteristics normally reserved for larger unmanned aerial systems within the form-factor of a man-portable system.

Elbit Systems of America has modifed the basic Skylark 1 LE into an all US version called Skylark Block 2. Block 2 includes systems improvements based upon our combat experience with the 101st Airborne OCONUS OEF rotation. Improvements include hand launch, improved engine to operate at high altitudes and windy conditions, a new dual EO/IR payload equipped with a laser marker, additional onboard processing, and automatic tracking and motion detection capability. Also in development with AFRL is a Skylark Block 2 with Hydrogen Fuel Cell that will extend endurance beyond 7 hrs.

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