Our People

Our People Make the Difference

When you join Elbit Systems of America®, you join a large family with a strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. The diverse capabilities, dedication, and talent of our work force enables us to excel in providing products that are critical in protecting and savings lives, the central theme for the work we do. From programs supporting the various branches of the Department of Homeland Security to commercial aviation and medical instrumentation, the expertise of our engineers, production teams, and operations teams is making a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day.

Because we believe in the importance of what we do, each and every person at Elbit Systems of America® emulates and promotes a positive and supportive workplace where employees are proud to be a part of our team. From seasoned veterans to workers learning the ropes, Elbit Systems of America® employees represent a diverse field of talents and enjoy an interesting, challenging, and enjoyable work experience. Our expertise makes a difference that can be seen both in the high percentage of repeat business we enjoy and the recognition many projects have received from our customers.

Our Culture

Elbit Systems of America® is built on a foundation of trust and respect for others. Our employees are open, forthright, and engaged in their work with a passion for excellence, quality, and great customer service. At Elbit Systems of America®, your future success and growth are truly a result of your own efforts and achievements. Contributions are applauded and innovation is rewarded. Employees are empowered to make a difference and promote an atmosphere of teamwork with a commitment to excellence.

Our Industries

Our passion lies in our commitment to our customers who depend on us to provide quality products that protect and save lives. As a leading manufacturer in military markets, we support our troops by supplying products, components, and services that support critical missions at home and abroad. We support the medical device industry through in-vitro diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, and laboratory automation applications with the passion and devotion to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. In addition, we continue the legacy of Paul Kollsman, inventor of the altimeter, to provide commercial aviation products and instruments that support the needs of pilots to fly and land safely across the globe.

Our passion to support critical needs is far reaching. Each and every employee at Elbit Systems of America® is making a difference in the lives of people every day. We create and deliver more than just products; we are changing lives and the future.

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