Precise … accurate … proven. Elbit Systems of America®’s Sensor and Electro-Optics Solutions group provides products, systems, and services that enhance the safety and survivability of both soldiers and civilians.

A leader in the design and manufacture of electro-optical systems, we provide long-range, thermal imaging; laser target designation capability; and fire control systems to the defense market. These products meet the growing demand for precision targeting and situational awareness ensuring safety and security for U.S. combat forces and our allies. We also apply these products and systems to meet the growing demand for perimeter security and force protection.

Spotlight On:

Elbit Systems of America Awarded $9.6M Contract to provide Laser Target Designator and Marker to the United States Marine Corps
The Elbit Systems of America® JTAC-LTD is a very lightweight, battery-powered laser target designator and marker that will enable foot-mobile Marines to designate targets for laser-guided bombs, missiles and other munitions. The unit incorporates our high-performance, miniaturized Rattler designator and provides target hand-off to aircraft laser spot trackers. The system capitalizes on the latest advances in laser generation and battery power technologies and features a high power near infrared laser pointer for targeting operations during nighttime conditions.



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