Advanced Solutions

Digital-Fused, Wide-Field-of-View, Night-Vision Goggles

Digital-fused, wide-field-of-view, night-vision goggles were developed using a wide range of low-light/no-light technologies in a digital architecture to provide the user with an adaptable system that meets needs and future technologies. The product features one-hundred-degree field of view in a lightweight mount designed to meet the needs of pilots, the special forces operators, EOD teams, and others that require a broad spectrum in night-vision sensors.

Stacked Optics Detection and Identification

Our stacked optics detection and identification systems provide the ability to sense, identify, and associate a sniper's scope, camcorder, night vision goggles, or other multiple lens device with its manufacturer. It will also provide the commander with the tools necessary to protect the convoy, encampment, or other locations from snipers or others monitoring troop operations.

Non-Radio Frequency Communication Methods

Non-radio frequency communication methods employ technologies that allow full-rate communications which cannot be interfered with, detected, or jammed. These techniques allow for intraconvoy communications while IED jamming is in full operation with minimal impact on front end communications and processing.

New System Concepts and Problem Solving

New system concepts and problem solving are based on the latest proven technologies with emphasis on risk reduction, cost, size and weight, and meeting the needs of the end-user.