European Operations

To enhance existing support for the RNLAF F-16 fleet and increase depot avionics service to F-16 customers throughout Europe and beyond, we've joined forces with the Royal Netherlands Air Force Logistics Center Woensdrecht team and Dutch industry to open an new avionics depot.

Euro Depot

Centered in Europe, the new facility will provide rapid turnaround of the most urgent avionics needs including those listed below. The facility is staffed with experienced and highly trained professionals who specialize in the manufacture, repair, and test of electronics systems components and related support equipment. Our technical personnel have extensive military backgrounds arming them with insight into the applications and mission environment of the hardware. They also have an in-depth knowledge of stems performance requirements and our logistics support systems are central to each employee’s skill development.


  • WAC HUD R&M upgrade
  • JHMCS (future)
  • General control unit
  • IMSC
  • UHF RT1505/ ARC-164
  • ILS receiver ARN-108
  • MRIU
  • CARA R/T-1438
  • MFD
  • CMFD
  • Gun control unit
  • Antenna, marker beacon
  • A/C panel
  • ALR-69 RF cable
  • RPM indicator
  • Anticollision P/S
  • Stator AC, quad PMG
  • Generator
  • TACAN antenna
  • APG-66(V)2 -Ant, TX, LPRF, DSP
  • UPDG
  • Trans rate gyroscope
  • Angle of attack
  • Yaw/roll/pitch control CCA
  • Flaperon/logic CCA
  • A-2 coupler
  • Indicators
  • Transducers

Chinook and Apache

  • Dispenser assembly M-130
  • APR-39(V)4 antenna
  • Detecting set, detector
  • IR jammer ALQ-144A
  • Signal comparator
  • Cables harness assemblies
  • Display
  • Rotor and blade repair
  • ADF receiver ARN-149
  • VOR/ILS receiver ARN-147
  • Vert. disp, gyroscope
  • Cockpit voice data recorder
  • AFCS control panel
  • Tactical threat display
  • Directional gyroscope
  • IFF/RT-1717A/APX-100