Talladega Operations

For almost 40 years, Talladega Operations has been wholly focused on supporting and sustaining military electronic systems, their components, and the worldwide logistics community responsible for those systems. This campus was founded in June 1969 as a privately-owned, small-business, defense contractor. The main focus of the company was to contract for depot level repair of military avionics and that focus remains the same today. We maintain a facility in Tillburg, Netherlands, as well as an extensive network of worldwide representatives.

Our individualized customer focus on depot level repairs, manufacturing, and logistics support has a proven record in supporting and sustaining critical systems for the worldwide military community. Our technical expertise includes electro-optical systems, radars, sensors, antennas, processors, displays, and gun drives. These systems are vital to the operational success of some of the most sophisticated weapons platforms in service such as the F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-35, V-22, AH-64, HH-60, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, as well as critical ground-based systems such as GPS.

Our Staff

Our engineering and technical staff undergoes rigorous and continuous training which typically complements an extensive military background. This workforce not only seeks to identify and repair items as they come in, but constantly looks for ways in which to increase the reliability and maintainability of our customers’ equipment through improved procedures and/or redesign of legacy systems. In order to support today’s high-tech systems, we have procured and/or designed and developed numerous automatic test stations and employs an extensive engineering staff to design and develop test program sets including the software programs and the interface test adapters necessary to mate the unit under test to the automatic test equipment. We have designed a replacement for the aging and non-supportable F-16 avionics intermediate shop tester.

FAA Repair Station for DoD Support

Ebit Systems of America® Wichita Operations is a FAR Part 145 and EASA approved repair station. Located in Wichita, KS, our mission is to provide fast-response repair and overhaul services to the major OEMs in the area as well as to our worldwide customer base. Repair capabilities include electronic, electro-mechanical, and mechanical products manufactured by the company under the Kollsman and Intercontinental Dynamics Corp. labels. These products include cabin pressurization control systems, altimeters, max-allowable airspeed indicator, triple-indicators, air data computers, engine instruments, and numerous legacy products including the C-130 air data instruments.

While our customers include air carriers and U.S. and foreign military services, our Wichita facility is primarily geared to support the fast turnaround times need by business jet OEMs and operators. The fully-equipped 4,000 sq. ft. facility employs an experienced staff with an average of more than 20 years experience each. The facility holds approvals from Cessna Aircraft Company, Hawker-Beechcraft, Bombardier, Lockheed, Pilatus, BAE, and the Defense Contract Management Agency for both Army and Navy contracted repairs.

The Wichita depot provides OEM repair and overhaul services for the legacy C-130 air data products including IDC Mach Airspeed Indicator P/N 532-38105-202 (NSN 6610-01-263-1400), IDC Encoding Altimeter P/N 518-28007-204 (NSN 6610-01-259-0251), IDC Remote Power Supply P/N 915-38106-001 (NSN 6130-01-217-5880), IDC Altitude Alerters P/N 540-25100-004 (NSN 1680-01-201-5691) and 540-25100-005 (NSN 6340-01-394-9780). We provide OEM support for other Kollsman/IDC products on aircraft including C-12, C-20, C-21, C-23, C-26, UC-35, PC-9 and others. Please click here for a complete list.

Inventory and Sourcing

In order to provide our customers with rapid repair turnaround, we maintain a multi-million dollar repair parts inventory. Because long lead times on replacement parts are often an issue when repairing items, it is necessary to keep these items in stock ensuring our customers will receive their equipment in a timely fashion. Augmenting that inventory is our purchasing process which has proven successful in supporting aging weapon systems by locating hard-to-find parts. When diminishing material sources issues arise, our engineers are quick to identify replacement parts that may be proposed to the responsible design authority. In those cases, where a circuit redesign is needed, we have the capability to design and manufacture the replacement assemblies to sustain and/or upgrade the system.

Technical Data

Complete and current technical data is essential to the repair and maintenance process. Our data library contains thousands of detailed documents including a comprehensive collection of technical manuals, specifications, and drawings. We maintain a technical data staff dedicated to research, acquisition, and maintenance of our data library. In many cases, the prescribed test equipment is not available so we must utilize this data to develop a repair/test capability and detailed acceptance test procedures (ATP.)

Specialized Equipment and Test Systems

Our environmentally controlled repair facility includes an anechoic chamber, full environmental stress screening facilities, HALT/HASS capabilities, coordinate-measuring equipment, on-site calibration laboratory, clean room, in-circuit testing, boundary scan/JTAG, ball grid array capabilities, and X-ray equipment.

Government Approved Procedures:

  • Purchasing
  • Material control
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Quality assurance
  • Training
  • ATP