Engineering Services

Automatic Test Station Development

To support today’s high-tech systems, we have procured and/or designed and developed numerous automatic test stations and maintain an engineering staff to design and develop test program sets (TPS) including the software programs and interface test adapters necessary to mate the unit under test to the automatic test equipment (ATE.)

We completed work for the U.S. Air Force to provide F-16 depot level repair including ATE, TPS development, ancillary support equipment, as well as repair skills training for the Turkish Air Force. We have also designed a replacement for the aging/non-supportable F-16 Avionics Intermediate Shop Tester.

Reengineering Capability:

Proven ability to provide form, fit, function; interface redesign; production; and data package development.

  • AIBU Pulse Conditioning Card
  • GPS, AN/FRC-178, SCR power amplifier
  • F-16, Wide-Angle, Conventional, Head Up Display

Proactive Engineering

Our engineers set out to design and build a cost effective and mission ready test tool to minimize unnecessary aborts due to helmet failures. The result was a helmet operational-level tester (HOLT.) The HOLT, which tests the AH-64, Apache, Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS), and helmet assembly, allowing flight crew helmet testing in the ready room substantially decreased mission abort rates due to helmet malfunction. The tester also offers diagnostic test capabilities.

Upon receipt of the first unit, our customer commented that the tester “had paid for itself within the first two weeks!”