Integrated Logistics Support

Tech Manual Generation

We build flexibility into our integrated logistics support (ILS) program planning and tailor it to all levels of support. ILS planning may begin during the design phase at the start of production or it may be implemented to follow the warranty period. The program includes an experienced workforce and all necessary equipment to perform defined functions and the logistic elements required for maintenance of system equipment.

Provisioning: We define the optimum stock levels and spare parts requirements so that critical spares for essential equipment are on hand for immediate distribution

Training: Curriculum development and training plans use both simulation training and personal instruction techniques. Training programs are conducted by experienced instructors at our Fort Worth facility or may be scheduled at any location worldwide.

Technical Documentation: Our capabilities include broad, technical documentation development for the preparation of technical manuals that meet the customer’s requirements. Technical documentation is available in paper-based manuals or interactive, electronic, technical manual format.

Integrated Logistics Support:

  • Contractor logistics support
  • Performance based logistics
  • Product maintenance and spares planning
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • Technical publications
  • Provisioning