The Hermes® 450 is a highly reliable, mobile and deployable unit with 15 years of service and more than 100,000 hours of flight time. The fully composite, fully operational Hermes® 450 may be launched and recovered from both prepared and semiprepared runways. This medium-size, multipayload UAS (unmanned aerial system) may operate two payloads simultaneously (many payload options) and provide persistent surveillance with endurance in excess of 18 hours (up to 30 hours with external fuel tanks.) The Hermes® 450 offers high operational versatility for both military and non-military use, with manual or fully autonomous flight capabilities and common, cutting-edge, full, redundant avionics. Its ability to operate in austere environments is well documented and growing. The Hermes® 450 is the primary reconnaissance platform for the Israeli Defense Force and was selected by the British Army to be fielded in a derivative configuration as part of the Watchkeeper Program. It is also currently employed by the British Army in southern Iraq recently surpassing 10,000 operational hours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF.)

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